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Parent/Player Handbook

2009-10 Season


The purpose of this handbook is to familiarize both the parents and players with Galt Lady Hoops basketball, and to provide a better understanding of Club Basketball.  We hope this handbook will answer many of the questions that may arise.  We are glad that your daughter is to be a part of our program.

Our program has two main components. The first is to develop self-discipline, dedication, and confidence in each athlete, qualities which will assist them as they progress through life. Secondly, to provide quality training and improvement in all aspects of the game. The competitive athletic experience can enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health, and teach the values of teamwork and responsibility.  We are proud of the opportunity we offer, and feel the players involved will receive a positive experience.


For this program to be successful, the rules of the handbook must be followed and will be enforced.  The Galt Lady Hoops expect our athletes and their parents to present themselves in a courteous and polite manner to everyone they encounter.  We represent the finest that Galt Girl’s Basketball has to offer and promote the highest level of sportsman-like conduct.

Our program is dedicated to treating all athletes fairly, and giving each individual an opportunity to improve the many skills associated with basketball.  Playing basketball with the Lady Hoops requires a strong commitment to the game, the club, and your teammates.  It is important that everyone involved understands that each is willing to make this commitment in order for the athlete to become the best basketball player they can be. If a player participates in another basketball program outside of Lady Hoops, the Lady Hoops team must come first. If a player misses either a tournament or practice due to a conflict with the other basketball program, they will no longer be in the Galt Lady Hoops. If an athlete misses practice for an unexcused reason, she/he will not start the next game. This does not mean she/he will not play.

Participation in the Galt Lady Hoops program requires time, effort, and some financial responsibilities, but we feel that it is all well worth the investment.  We are a not for profit organization that provides a unique opportunity for your daughters, and feel that the training and the experiences that your daughter(s) will receive from competitive basketball will be very beneficial.

For those of you new to the Galt Lady Hoops, there will be a $14.00 AAU registration fee, as you must be an AAU member to play on our team. These fees can be paid at the first practice. Tournament fees will be $20.00 to $35.00 for each player per tournament, for those selected for the traveling team. In order to avoid financial shortfalls please pay this fee at each tournament to Stephanie.


Each year we evaluate a large number of players.  Some players have extensive playing backgrounds, while others do not.  Players are evaluated on skill execution such as ball handling, shooting, etc.  We base our selections on what the athletes do during the tryout period and what we perceive their potential to be.  We select athletes based on the following criteria:  athletic ability, work ethic, drive, coach-ability, competitive attitude, skill ability, and potential.

It is important to note that every player is evaluated each year, and it is each player’s responsibility to come into the tryout ready to make a team in our program.  Players should never assume they will automatically be on a specific team because they were on it the previous year.  Players are put on teams because of the ability they have shown at tryouts.   After the teams have been selected, the Galt Lady Hoops may make roster changes at any time during the season to continue to improve the level of play for all considered.  This means that a player may be added to a team during the season, or that a player may be asked to move to another team to maximize the level of talent on each team.

Anyone who has a serious medical condition should speak with the head coach or administrator prior to the start of the tryout and the regular season.  It should be noted that if a player is injured or is sitting out of practices due to injury or illness, they must have a doctor’s release before they will be allowed to practice or participate again on a regular basis.


Club basketball can teach many positive traits, such as the spirit of cooperation, self-discipline, and regard for physical fitness. We ask that parents refrain from criticizing opposing players, other parents, other clubs, teammates, or officials. We also ask that parents refrain from involving themselves in the coaching of the girls at either practices or games. Please leave the coaching to the coaches. We also ask that parents not talk to officials before during or after our games.

Team discipline is extremely important.  Breaking team rules will have consequences, which will be situationally appropriate and determined by the coaching staff. We are not anticipating any disciplinary problems however, consequences might include limited playing time, extra conditioning for the individual and/or dismissal from the team.

In our spectator enthusiasm, we are often prone to issue instructions to the players that are contrary to those of the coach; this only causes confusion for the players. 


Parents need to align themselves with the coach in teaching their daughter how to cope with the natural frustrations of being a member of a team.  Sports provide an excellent opportunity to teach young women about the realities of competitive situations.  They must be taught how to be a cooperative team member, how to make use of both positive and negative feedback, how to cope with adversity, how to achieve mental toughness, and how to be a gracious winner or loser. Players are not guaranteed playing time. Some athletes will play more than others. These decisions are entirely at the coaches discretion, the coaches are under no obligation to explain their decisions, and will not discuss playing time before, during or after a game.

            When a player has a problem with the coach, parents have the responsibility of teaching their daughters the steps necessary to remedy the situation.  The following steps should be taken if a player has a grievance with the coach:

STEP ONE:    The player should discuss the problem/concern with the coaches and try to arrive at a solution to the problem AT PRACTICE. If not resolved then…

STEP TWO:    The parent should call the coach and set up a time for the player, parent and coaches to meet and arrive at a solution.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is a parent to approach a coach with a complaint or an evaluation of coaching philosophy BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER A GAME

The above procedure must be followed in dealing with any situations that may arise.  The coaches of the Galt Lady Hoops will  NOT ALLOW THE COACHES OR PLAYERS TO BE BERATED by parents or fellow teammates.  If you or your daughters refuse to follow the guidelines set forth, you will be asked to leave the program.

 The parents and families of our Lady Hoops players have been very supportive in the past, and we hope that support will continue to grow each year.  We hope that parents will support their daughter(s) by attending their tournaments and giving positive encouragement.  We encourage you to refrain from criticizing your child, their teammates, their coaches, or the officials. 

 A player or spectator may be asked to leave the premises if they become disrespectful to other players, coaches, or officials.  Please be careful and respectful. Remember, we are LADY Hoops.


Galt Lady Hoops is committed to exercising good sportsmanship at all times.  Our club philosophy is that our female athletes should represent their club in a positive and respectful manner.  We also would not want spectators to embarrass our players and the club with inappropriate behavior.  The code of conduct expects the following from our families and spectators:

  •      Absolutely no foul language shall be condoned.

  •      Parents are asked to cheer for the Lady Hoops in a positive manner – not against our opponents in a negative manner.

  •      Show respect to those around you.

  •      Support your coaches and staff.

  •      Refrain from harassing referees and/or event staff.

Please remember that you should never say anything that you would not want to read on the front page of a newspaper.  It is the coach’s responsibility to enforce our club rules.  If a situation with a parent were to arise, our coaches will sit the player on the bench or send the player to go sit with her parents/guardians to help them conduct themselves in a manner befitting our guidelines.

The most discouraging thing to see in a gym is unsportsman-like behavior from a player or spectator.  Please set a great example for your daughters by being a good sport in the stands!



 We will be traveling to other cities to compete, sometimes overnight.

We strongly recommend that a parent travels with their player to overnight tournaments.

If this is not possible, and the coach agrees, players not traveling with a parent will be supervised by the head coach.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that each player and parent is representing the Galt Lady Hoops when we play in local tournaments and travel to out-of-area events.

Traveling with the team is an honor and needs to be respected



  • CURFEW IS 10:00 PM. No player is to be outside of her hotel room unless accompanied by a parent or coach.

  • No person other than Lady Hoops players, family members or coaches are permitted inside a  players hotel  room.

  • Room phone numbers are not to be given out to anyone except members of your team or your parents.

  • Room assignments for players without parents are made by the coach and these players will be supervised by the head coach.

  • Lights-out times will be determined by the coaching staff.

If any disciplinary problems should arise, actions may include loss of playing time and/or the club may send a player home from a tournament at the parent’s expense and/or dismissal from the Lady Hoops.

The following actions are prohibited:

1.      Illegal transport, possession, or use of drugs or other illegal substances.

2.      Physical damage to a facility or theft of items from a room, dormitory, residence or other person.  (Restitution will bepart of any penalty imposed)

3.      Possession of fireworks, ammunition, firearms, other weapons or any item or material which by commonly accepted practices and principles would be a hazard or harmful to other persons.

4.     Any action considered to be an offense under Federal, State, or local laws/ordinances.

5.     Violation of the specific policies, procedures, and/or regulations of the various AAU Clubs or Schools where we practice or participate in tournaments.

6.      Conduct which is inappropriate as determined by comparison to normally accepted behavior.

7.       Physical or verbal intimidation of any individual.

·        No jewelry or bandanas are to be worn during games.

·        Bring your gear, uniform, court shoes, ankle braces, socks etc

·        Eat a good nutritious meal before leaving or pack a snack

·        Be coachable.

·        Remember to represent you, your family and Galt Lady Hoops well.

·        Keep the bench area clean after the games.

·        Respect other teams, their staff members, and officials

·         Be on time to games

·        Remember we are LADY Hoops.

 © Copyright Galt Lady Hoop Basketball Club 2003

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